Hair Accessory Holder Tutorial – DIY

Written by Beth on Dec 2, 2013 in Blog DIY -

My craft project this week is a hair accessory holder for my niece Stella for her first birthday.  All little girls have tons of hair clips and headbands, so a cute place to keep them all organized is definitely a must!  I’m posting this hair accessory holder tutorial for anyone interested in a quick, easy and super-cute project 🙂

First, I grabbed somdiy hair accessory holdere plywood from Home Depot.  I got a 2′ x 2′ piece and had it cut down in to two 12″ x 16″ pieces so that I could make a hair accessory holder for my niece and my daughter from the one piece of plywood.  I think it cost about $6.





diy hair accessory holderI measured out some adorable aqua chevron fabric I had leftover from another project so that I had a few inches larger than the wood in all directions.  It was a bit wrinkled, so I ironed the fabric after cutting it to the size I needed.





diy hair accessory holderAfter ironing the fabric, I placed it right-side (pattern side) down and placed the wood over it, taking care to make sure the chevron stripes were as even as possible.  If you use a solid or any non-striped fabric, you don’t need to be as concerned about this.  If you do use a stripe or chevron, you will want to pay close attention to this so you don’t end up with a lopsided look!




diy hair accessory holderI then wrapped the fabric around the wood and affixed with an electric staple gun.  If you don’t have an electric staple gun, a regular one will work fine.  You can also use a hot glue gun or even tape in a pinch, although it might not hold up as well.  Some of my staples came out a bit crooked because I didn’t press down hard enough, but they were stuck in the wood and since they’d be covered in the end,  I didn’t bother redoing them.




diy hair accessory holder


Voila!  A lovely chevron board ready for adornment….





diy hair accessory holder

I cut a piece of ribbon to attach to the back in order to hang the hair accessory holder from a single nail.






diy hair accessory holder

This ribbon I also used the electric staple gun to attach.  I measured to make sure it was perfectly centered before attaching it.






diy hair accessory holder

Here is the board from the front, ready to hang!






diy hair accessory holderI had some other leftover fabric that I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut into an S for Stella – just a little extra personalization.  You can buy fabric letters or cut them out yourself if you would like to include this detail.  I used Fabric Fusion glue (you can get this at Michaels, Joann’s, Walmart, etc.) to attach the S after measuring and placing it in the center of the board.





diy hair accessory holder

Next, I selected a few ribbons to use as the hair clip holders.  I used 4 different ribbons, all 1.5″ wide – 2 pink in different patterns and 2 gray in different patterns.  You can also use 1 plain solid color or ribbons of varying thickness, whatever you want!





diy hair accessory holderI placed my ribbons where I thought I wanted them, and then measured to make sure they were all equidistant.  I did leave a larger space in the center so the S would be visible.  You could certainly do a 5th ribbon row instead.  I left an inch or two overhang on each ribbon piece.





diy hair accessory holderAfter placing the ribbons, I decided where to place the hooks.  These hooks will be used to hang headbands (or necklaces and bracelets).  I bought a package of white cup hooks from Home Depot and opted to use 4, two in the large space and 1 between each of the other 2 ribbons.  I marked where I wanted the hooks with a pencil & used a drill to make a starter hole.





diy hair accessory holder

I then screwed in the cup hooks.  You don’t need to use hooks if you don’t want to deal with drilling, but I think it will definitely come in handy for all the headbands!  If you omit the hooks, you can always clip the headbands to the ribbons using clothespins 🙂





diy hair accessory holderOnce I had the hooks in, I placed my ribbons back on and temporarily secured them with scotch tape so they would stay in place when I flipped the board over.  Once I had the board flipped over, I used the Fabric Fusion glue to attach the ribbons to the board.  You could also use the staple gun for this, but I decided I wanted the whole piece of ribbon on the back securely affixed.





diy hair accessory holder

For the backing, I purchased pink felt by the yard and measured out a piece slightly smaller than 12″ x 16.”  I used pinking shears to cut the felt, but this is purely decorative, as felt will not fray.






diy hair accessory holderI layed the felt over the back of the board and lifted up half at a time to cover with Fabric Fusion glue and then press in on to the board, mostly focusing on gluing the edges.  After the whole piece is attached and it has dried for a couple of hours, you can go back and feel if any of the edges are lifting – if so, add a bit more glue.





diy hair accessory holder

Here is the finished product!






diy hair accessory holder

I added a couple of hair clips to this one so you can see what it looks like in use 🙂






diy hair accessory holder


If you prefer not to hang on the wall, you can also omit the ribbon piece on the top and just lean the board.  If you wanted to go this route, I would skip the bottom hooks at well.




Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.  Happy crafting 🙂

*please excuse my non-professional iphone photos – the baby makes it difficult to set up a proper photo shoot 🙂